About Us

Every big picture has, many impulsive tiny stories, and we aren’t exception to that. Let’s make through the tiny stories of our institute, that’s assisting us in growing giant.

Started small, growing giant The family of “Computech Computer Academy” is astonish to share our success with the people of Nallasopara. We are delighted to give the suburb with many freshly talented expertise’s numerous young entrepreneur, which is our dignified motto.

Mr Chirag Pandya

Our Milestone

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Our Vision
Our Mission is that all our students should work in a big Multi National company.

Years back in 2009, we started with just set up of 15 PC and 3 dedicated faculty, whose commitment and Hard work, (better said as smart work) turned a blessing and today we stand with 90 PC and 20 faculties, still with same dedication to gift our student a better tomorrow. This is not all, we are standing strong even at Achole Branch today.

Our Mission
Being a Businessman without an Investment

Like every coin has 2 side, we believe, our dedication and compassion is one side, than undoubtedly the support and trust of our lovely students and their parents is the another side of our coin called as “SUCCESS”.

Growing giant, we would say is the return gift to us from our students. We seek just at improving our students tomorrow by preparing them in such a manner that they are industry ready to flaunt their talent in big MNC, reputed firms, not only in one field but varies IT field (Hardware,Software,Animation,etc.).